Now fully aligned to HB 3906. See sample chapter here

A whole universe of tools right for the job.

Mavis has something for everyone. Do you like a more traditional way of teaching? We got it! Printed books for a more traditional technique. Want to step it up a notch? Multimedia eBooks. Up for an adventure? Try our encounter methodology with GAMIFICATION, just right for student engagement with no effort! Need pre-teaching materials? We got it! Special population tools for all sorts of pre-teaching.

Mavis: The only multi-modal platform to improve the 8th grade Social Studies students' performance in the classroom and STAAR test.

Multimedia eBooks. More than just an eBook.

Mavis eBooks merge a traditional eBook with multimedia tools to improve the acquisition of knowledge.

Digital platform.

Mavis can diagnostic students, create personalized interventions to the student needs, and evaluate its performance.

Mavis does all the job for you!

All students counts. Special populations tools.

Integra is a new methodology to help At risk, EL, and newcomers students to improve their performance in classroom and STAAR test.

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All fully in Spanish and English.

Google translate? Nah.

Mavis gives you an accurate Spanish product unlike other "bilingual" products.

Printed versions

Mavis includes printed versions to students and teachers.


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Mavis, innovating before anyone

HB-3906 compliance

Mavis will be fully aligned ONE year before mandatory implementation!

Chapter sample

Based on Social and Emotional Learning methodologies, because a confident student can do it all...

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Engage with Gamification

Students will want to learn by themselves because of interest, adventure, achievements, and curiosity.

Digital platform.

Using a 3-step Encounters, Mavis can do the job for you!

Personalized intervention

Just setup your Encounter and Mavis will make a personalized intervention for every student for you!

Multimedia ebooks

Mavis has something for everyone. Do you like a more traditional way of teacher? printed books. Take it up a notch? Multimedia eBooks.


Let's face it learning has changed ... A LOT!

Nowadays students require different tools to engage learning. Give your students the opportunity to create meaningful background knowledge, learn and explore history in a way you have never seen before. Let them explore and feel adventorous.

Gain items, gems, coins, experience and much more!

We just made it simple for you to achieve these for your students.

Data is everything.

We offer simple & beautiful metrics to track your students progress. Live!

Not enough? We create custom reports free of charge! (Limited time)


Mavis uses encounters as a learning cycle for students, this way ensuring they are ready to answer the standardized tests. Encounters consist of 3 sequential steps: diagnostic, intervention, and STAAR-like tests.


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